Test fly Star Citizen’s military ships for free this week


When I backed Star Citizen in 2012, I opted for a couple of the $60 pledge tiers. One of these I gave away, and the other I kept for myself. I haven’t upgraded my pledge since then, which means that when I log into the alpha dogfighting module, I’m limited to flying starter ships like the Aurora and the 300i.

For the next week, though, I (and you, if you’re a fellow backer) can test fly the Anvil Hornet, the Gladiator, and the Aegis Gladius without upgrading pledges, thanks to Cloud Imperium’s latest free-fly week that focuses on military ships. “These free-fly weeks provide valuable testing metrics so we can continue to build this game together. Thank you citizens for the continued support and dedication,” the company says on its website.

Source: Military ship test drive

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rioinsignia Kataq Judge Rioinsignia has spoken!

Well I’m glad you’ve cleared all that up M’lud. And in the court of Rionsignia no defence is allowed. Only a prosecution that relies heavily on insults, agenda and make-believe.

How about next time not picking an unnecessary fight with me just because I gave you a well deserved bloody nose recently.

Now everyone please rise, Judge Rionsignia is leaving the court room! :D


Kataq Final note:  Regardless of whether or not you find the term offensive, or whether or not you want to admit it.  You were found guilty of trolling.  I’ve said my piece, and I’m moving on. 
Maybe one day you’ll learn to do the same.  Hehe.


Kataq So now you’re making your own definitions up to suit your arguments?  I haven’t told you to do anything that you didn’t infer that you were earlier going to do yourself.  You claimed you had “said your piece” (thereby inferring you were intent on moving on).  And yet, here you still are, now lashing out at me.  Purely because you were caught red-handed trolling an article with the specific intent to call someone directly by name who you claim is a troll of an article for a *completely* different game.
But instead of just admitting fault and moving on from it, you feel compelled to resort to using completely irrelevant past events (which you have only very limited knowledge on, and therefore misjudged), desperately trying to deflect attention away from what you’ve done.  And you think you’re in a position to lecture people on what you consider to be “shameful activities”?  Really?  Yeah I didn’t think so either.
Now, if you find the label “troll” so offensive, what other label would you prefer to describe what you did?   Perhaps “Unnecessary comment stalking”?  Or maybe “defending the ‘honour’ of the Elite Dangerous”?  Would either of those be more to your tender liking? 
After all, if you’re going to play the “victim” card here, you might as well go for the Oscar award.


rioinsignia Kataq Hypocrisy? The only reason you want start a new flame war with me is because you are still butt-hurt that I called you out on your shameful activities before (Manzes, the facebook link, and threatening to break the law by revealing his real name and work place publicly).

And now, because you think I wanted a flamewar here, which you had to initiate yourself (more hypocrisy) you think that you are somehow “getting me back”?

You are so transparent, that I can safety predict the following:

1) more posts from you start with “lol” (because that not what trolls start their posts with).
2) More insults like “hypocrite”, “troll” etc.
3) Telling me to stop posting while continuing to fan the flames in a flame war of your own making.

Prove me wrong?


Kataq rioinsignia Lol.  Once again Kataq, you show the hypocrisy of your own double standards.  Attempting to hold others accountable for something you have only part knowledge of, “cherry picking” and twisting truth in the process, whilst trying to deflect attention from what you have done yourself.
The hypocrisy is quite amusing.


rioinsignia Kataq At least I haven’t tried to hunt him down on Facebook, find his real name and place of work, and then threaten to make this information public.

I’d look quite a fool if I did that, wouldn’t *you* agree?

And you call this a flame war? If anything you are the one fanning the flames here. I’ve said my piece about LoB, he’s said his piece and now it’s done. I bet you’ll try to drag this out for a week again given the chance.


Kataq Lol, regardless of how you try to profess your innocence, your actions betray what you claim is your true intent. You don’t like someone trolling an ED article, so decided to drop into an SC article to call them out directly by name.  That’s trolling.  Pure and simple.  No matter how much you attempt to rationalise it.
And before you insinuate that I am defending LoB because he’s an SC fan, I suggest you look at some of the ED articles I posted in where I disagreed with his generalisations of that game. 
Of course, the fact that once again you’re attempting to “cherry pick” what you want to be the truth, rather than accept what it actually is, shouldn’t be overly surprising.


rioinsignia Kataq I actually wasn’t trying to start a flame war here. If anything I thought some of you guys would understand what the constant trolling of your favourite game articles would be like.

I didn’t expect for anyone to actually defend LoB, but as he’s a SC fanboy I shouldn’t be overly surprised.


midimaker Darkwalker75 LordOfBread 
Oh so now its trolling to correct misconceptions, misunderstandings and incorrect terminology use?
If you think I’m trolling then feel free to report me as such and stop responding, otherwise stop making accusations just because I disagree with what you say or try to help you understand the difference between two terms.

All I did was correct a simple terminology use, and you blow things up and twist things around to try and paint me as a troll.

So AC came out 12 months ago, did you really expect them to be able to be able to fix everything and have it ready in just 12 months?
You talk about me having too high expectations, even though you have no grounds for it, yet seem to have even greater expectations yourself.
But if you think its so easy, get a job with CIG and do it yourself for crying out loud.

I visit the forums daily, and have seen plenty of threads discussing the current flight mode
Its the only thing you have said so far that I can agree on.
The point and click flight mode you have with the mouse should never have been implemented at all.
But I thought we were discussion release dates and deadlines, not the controller issues of the game or the state of the AC module

Then there is the number of assumptions you make about me with no. foundations whatsoever or despite statements to the contrary.
How can you judge my expectations when I have never so much as mentioned my expectations?

If you had been paying attention, you would have seen that I have stated multiple times that I would rather wait and have them do things right, then have things rushed out like they do with most games these day.
How is that in any way having too high expectations?

As for them releasing at a big media event, what does that have to do with anything?
I frankly could not care less about whether or not they release at a big media event, as long as they don’t rush it out.

You cant seem to keep to one topic and discuss that, but are jumping from topic to topic every time you reply.
On top of that you try to accuse me of trolling  and being a fanatical fanboy when you don’t understand what I’m talking about or for disagreeing with you and blame CR/CIG for not living up to your expectations of how things should be done, suggesting to me that its you who are trolling.


Darkwalker75 midimaker LordOfBread 
Nah your just brown nose trolling, Expectation is set by developers so if there was any impatience that wud be down to them. Besides impatience is valid for like a week or 2 after a
date. 3-6 months is bullshit. Thier silence after missed date is
bullshit. heres a post that sums up alot of da feels

“You guys do realize Arena Commander came out 12 months ago and is still
unplayable garbage right? Seriously try it or go to the Arena Commander
forums and read the gimbal/ missile/ controller/ ship handling/ aim
centric/ skilless dumbed down casual/ bait and switch/ Starter Citizen
threads things are REALLY BAD and CIG hasn’t done much to convince us
that fundamental design and balance flaws will be corrected. This is all
shit Elite Dangerous nailed down properly in thier very first alpha
build way back in 2012
How the friggin hell can Chris be shooting
and creating SQ42 when he doesn’t have fundamental shit like Gimbals on
fighter size craft or even just the basic flight model in an acceptable
state? Right now you don’t even fly the ship you point your mouse
cursor on a target and the ship IFCS instantly and automatically flys
towards and shoots it. Even Star Fox on the Nintendo 64 was more flight
and maneuver oriented than this and Freespace 2 from 1999 kicks the
absolute shit out of Arena Commander with regards to ship handling and
Now MAYBE Illfonic is way better at their job than
whoever did Arena Commander and cryengine being designed for FPS will
allow for a significantly better launch, but if AC is anything to go by
Star Marine will suck on release and for many months after. Which is
kind of pathetic because making a decent FPS game is REALLY easy I can
name 12 good ones off the top of my head.
So if you’re
legitimately excited and expecting much on launch you might want to
lower your expectations and be ready for a good wait.
Oh, and if
you think CIG won’t wait to launch it at a big Media Event I got an
imaginary internet spaceship concept I drew on a napkin to sell you for
just $2,500…..oh wait you already bought one and so did I.
used to be a fanatical fanboy and as soon as things change and I see it
in game I’ll go back to being one, but until then I’m keeping it real”