SuperData’s Van Dreunen on tomorrow’s Heroes of the Storm launch


Tomorrow’s the big day for Blizzard’s entry into the crowded and uber-competitive MOBA market. Heroes of the Storm officially launches on June 2nd, and SuperData CEO Joost Van Dreunen has penned an editorial at that asks whether or not the new title can measure up to genre titans like League of Legends and Dota 2.

Van Dreunen predicts that HotS will capture a larger monthly active audience than Heroes of Newerth and SMITE, though he has nice things to say about the former, including the fact that its recent world championship featured a prize pool larger than LoL’s 2014 championship purse.

“During the initial marketing blitz and the June 2nd release it is likely that there will be a drop in monthly active users for all titles in the space,” Van Dreunen writes. “It’s possible that MOBA players will briefly indulge in the newcomer’s offering, only to return to the game they’re most familiar with and where their social connections are strongest,” he concludes.

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