Voxelbox Trove is officially launching on July 9


This is it, Trove fans. The finish line of beta and the starting line for the official live game. Trion Worlds announced that Trove will be launching for real on July 9th.

Game Director Andrew “Avarem” Krausnick addressed the timing of the launch: “Why now? To put it simply: it’s ready. If you log in today you’ll play Trove the way we envisioned it when we set out to make it. There’s a ton of classes, massive worlds, a huge variety of activities and collectibles, and a great community. It’s time to bring our game to the masses. Not quite yet, of course; we have another big batch of additions and polish to add to the game, but soon. Real soon.”

Trove has been in a soft launch state for months now ever since Trion promised not to enact any more wipes. The cute sandbox will launch with its current nine classes, not to mention tons of dungeons, biomes, ships, and flying. There are plans to add a new class, dragons, an overhaul of the UI, and a refer-a-friend system before July 9th.

Source: Trion Worlds press release, producer’s letter
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