CCP financials for 2014 continue their downward slide

Can't imagine why.

It’s become a cottage industry for EVE Online fans to try to¬†figure out whether¬†CCP Games is doing well or not. Gone are the days with regular crowing about subscriber numbers, and as with most companies, the focus is on publicizing the good rather than admitting what’s not going so well. A fan blog, however, legally obtained a copy of the most recent finanical report for the company and posted a lengthy and in-depth analysis of the company’s numbers through the end of 2014.

The short version is that the company reported significant losses, but analysis suggests that may have a great deal to do with writing off DUST 514 and World of Darkness assets. With some assumptions and estimates, the analysis looks solid for EVE Online itself despite the company’s 10% drop in revenue year-on-year and $15 million in negative equity. Take a look at the full analysis to check the numbers and see whether you agree with the estimates being made.

Source: marketsforISK; thanks to Hagu for the tip!
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