Elite: Dangerous launches the Powerplay update

It's a miracle anything ever works.

The latest update for Elite: Dangerous does not allow players to personally claim big chunks of the galaxy, but it does allow players to sign up with the people who do. After a little over a week in testing, the game’s Powerplay update is hitting the live servers, complete with a new trailer down below to get you all pumped for blowing up ships and mining resources for the good of your faction.

Players will have a number of different possible factions to endorse, enabling factional warfare along many potential lines; you can blow up enemy ships or just wage a careful economic campaign against your opponents. There are also various bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements, as outlined in the patch changelog. So pick your favorite faction and get ready for a whole new metagame layered on top of the existing experience.

Source: Frontier Developments press release, changelog; thanks to Cotic and PhoenixDfire for the tip!
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