World of Warcraft previews the bosses of Hellfire Citadel

Startlingly lacking in curiosity.

It’s been said that World of Warcraft‘s patch 6.2 will not be the end of the expansion’s patch cycle, but boy, it sure does feel like it. Just looking at the preview for Hellfire Citadel you can see an enormous collection of show-stopping bosses and battles, covering almost every major enemy that players have encountered on Draenor up until now. It even throws in some new ones, like Tyrant Velhari the anti-paladin and Xhul’horac the void revenant. And this isn’t the finale?

The full preview shows off all of the bosses with designer commentary on each one. While it won’t give you a comprehensive idea of how to beat each boss, it does offer hints. Several of the encounters are also designed to be references to previous content, such as being devoured by a boss, facing a boss-level encounter without a single boss, and even taking control of a raid boss for a brief time. Check out the full preview for all of the details.

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