World of Warcraft to allow flight in Draenor in a post-6.2 patch

Something to (shadow) crow about.

If you had given up on flight as a lost cause in Warlords of Draenor, there’s good news. World of Warcraft‘s developers posted a new development update today explaining the team’s philosophy about flying once again while noting that players clearly do want to be able to fly.

The compromise reached is that players will be able to fly… if they work for it. In a post-6.2 patch, players who have achieved several pathfinding achievements, earned Revered reputation with the new 6.2 reputations, and collected all of the treasures on Draenor will be able to fly once again. The achievement is also account-wide, so earning it on one character will allow alts to fly as well. More details will be forthcoming, but it’s still a victory for the players extremely displeased by the removal of flight.

Source: Dev Watercooler; thanks to Jose for the tip!
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