WildStar’s mystery event befuddles players


Yesterday evening Carbine Studios encouraged players to attend a WildStar mystery event on the Entity server, not spilling any other details as to what it entailed. Well, it turned out to be a strange sort of stress test that involved a giant rowsdower that turned people into a whole bunch of tiny rowsdowers. And also there was a taxi train when everyone left.

The event seemed to leave many players feeling underwhelmed and confused. “That event was awful. If they want people to stress test just ask and plan a day for it. No reason to disguise it under some elaborate ruse,” one Reddit poster said. “I just don’t understand,” said another player on the forums. “I feel like we just got Rickrolled.”

Carbine promised that the EU servers will get to experience a similar event in the future.

Source: Official forums, Imgur, Reddit #1, #2. With thanks to midgetsnowman.
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