World of Warcraft demos its first timewalking dungeon, The Arcatraz

Take a walk on the already-done-this side.

The next patch for World of Warcraft is sending players back in time, just a little bit. With an expansion based on nostalgia, that makes a certain amount of sense. The Arcatraz is the first timewalking dungeon to be previewed, and like its contemporaries it hasn’t been scaled up for new players so much as current endgame players are being scaled down to match what the dungeon is designed to face.

If you never saw the original dungeon or simply haven’t been inside for so long that you’ve forgotten how it looks, the preview should serve as an effective crash course on what to expect. While players are scaled down to level 70 for runs of the dungeon, the loot dropped therein will still be appropriate for level 100 characters. Take a gander at the article and look forward to taking part in a rather direct blast from the past, since it looks as if this patch will be in the wild sooner rather than later.


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