Pathfinder Online adds free trial system in latest ‘early enrollment’ build

Oh, so many trials.

The business model of Pathfinder Online‘s current testing phase is odd, since you have to pay a box price and a subscription fee to take part in the testing — at least, you did have to, before now. The game is revising that in two important ways, starting with a removal of the box price. Testing is now as simple as paying for a month of time and starting to play.

You also don’t need to even do that to get a sense of the game, as free 15-day trials are now available for everyone to experience. While the buddy system remains in place for existing players to get more time off of converts, new would-be players no longer need to seek out passes to try the game out. They’re welcome changes with the most recent Early Enrollment patch, which is primarily a patch for polish and quality of life fixes.

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