Crowfall raises $2M in crowdfunding, demolishes the holy trinity


Crowfall continues to rake in hefty amounts of donations, as the title just crossed the $2 million threshold for crowdfunding to date. More than 19,000 fans have helped to fill Crowfall’s coffers, both from its Kickstarter campaign and subsequent website sales.

A new developer diary about the game’s Centaur Legionnaire ends up being more about the structure of the game than the class’ role itself. And at the core of Crowfall’s combat approach? The demolition of the industry-standard holy trinity.

“We’re building a different game,” the team stated, going on to explain while the established holy trinity makes for interesting and varying gameplay, Crowfall’s design needs to differ because the game won’t scale numerically. Instead of worrying about big numbers and narrow roles, players will need to master a skillset that can be used in a changing situations on the battlefield.

“With the Legionnaire, we tried to make him a hybrid role, a tank/support archetype that was a solid tank (though not as solid as the Knight), highly mobile (which makes sense, given his nature), and to give him a small number of tools that he could use to facilitate team-based play at the tactical level,” ArtCraft explained.

The studio also released a thank-you video and a pair of art videos covering Centaurs that you can watch below.

Source: ArtCraft press release, Crowfall
06/16/2015 2:05:45 PM EDT: Updated with the thank-you video.
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