EverQuest II outlines plans for new timelocked servers

Experience a slow unveiling of new content, also known as the real world.

It’s hard to deny that there was a definite appeal to EverQuest‘s progression server when it first came out. So the EverQuest II team is also doing the time warp again by adding in PvP and PvE timelocked servers, new servers that start off with the base game and slowly add more expansion content over time. It’s a chance to experience the past all over again without the benefit of a multidirectional time machine.

If the idea of these servers appeals to you, do note that they’re available only for all access members, so you’ll need to subscribe in order to take part. (Also┬áthe way things used to be.) Check out the official announcement for all the details if you’re excited or just curious, and get ready to go back in time.

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