Worlds Adrift details the design of a steering wheel

First reference to the Firefly theme and we lose patience.

Part of the very premise behind Worlds Adrift is exploring the great big sky on an airship. Sure, we’ve seen how you can design those airships, but what does it look like when you’re actually flying one? Because that’s a core component of the gameplay, and as a new development diary on the official site explains, it was also important to get that element just right.

The first version of the ship’s helm was about as primitive as you’d expect and had two major failings: The first was that it provided limited visual indication of what the ship was doing; the second was that it didn’t really offer fine control over the ship. After a great deal of effort, the current version seen in the header shot was reached, but the process of getting there took quite a bit of doing. Check out the full entry to see just how much goes into a simple helm.

Source: Official Blog; thanks to Dengar for the tip!
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