Co-op sandbox Windborne is closing down on Steam


You’re in for some disappointment today if you were hoping that Windborne would ever emerge from early access. Developer Hidden Path announced this morning that it’s “closing down”┬áthe co-op sandbox.

We have attempted to secure the needed funding to finish the game in various avenues and unfortunately what was once a not-so-[competitive] market has now been flooded with games of this style. Windborne has been a labor of love for this studio since its inception. We have spent countless hours designing and creating a striking world to share with everyone. We have decided that after much business development around the title with no positive movement in funding that we will be delisting Windborne on Steam.

Refunds will not be forthcoming. Folks who already own the game will still be able to play it through Steam and will be given additional copies to spread around to their friends. The devs say they will not be releasing the source code to the community and have not ruled out the possibility that the game might someday be finished in the future.

We looked at Windborne last year on Massively-that-was; columnist Matt Daniel wrote that the game had potential at the time but advised gamers looking for a more feature-complete experience to hold onto their cash.

Source: Steam via GamePolitics
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