The demographics and realities of selling games on Steam

You can buy me!

Steam is one of those things that we think of as almost ubiquitous as a gaming platform. You can buy many┬áMMOs on it, it has its own social networking functions, and it seems that almost everyone has it installed at home. But here’s the reality of selling on Steam: the average game on the service will sell only 32,000 copies through the service, and the average price for those titles is minuscule almost everywhere other than MMOs, according to a piece analyzing a plethora of data from the service.

Whilst many parts of the piece aren’t focused on MMOs specifically (after all, Steam covers other games), it’s an interesting look at a major online service and network for games. It also sheds some light on requests for games to be available on Steam and what a successful release means on the platform, with Early Access games not benefiting much if at all from having a second “real” launch. Check out the full article if you’ve got a mind to learn a bit more about how the service sells.

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