Bungie responds to Destiny’s ‘tone deaf’ DLC fiasco

We all go together.

Destiny has already launched some downloadable expansions for itself, and they’ve been cheaper than the upcoming¬†The Taken King. In fact, they’ve been much cheaper than The Taken King‘s Collector’s Edition, which contains several bits of physical swag and some exclusive emotes, which has caused considerable uproar in the Destiny community, particularly veterans who feel they’re being asked to rebuy content they already own (sound familiar?). A recent Eurogamer interview with the developers¬†focused around defending the price, which largely came down to saying that it’s a justified price for a very large amount of content.

Players didn’t like that either. Forbes called the entire interview “tone deaf.”

But in the aftermath, Bungie has issued new statements that players who have been playing from the beginning will get something “better” than what’s in the collector’s edition. It’s unlikely to be the actual physical gewgaws, but more details have been promised for Thursday’s development update. Players will need to keep their eyes peeled for a couple of days as a result; it’ll soon be clear if something better is actually in the pipe.

Source: Eurogamer, Forbes
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