Diablo III gets Horadric Cube successor


Diablo II fans are well-aquainted with that game’s Horadric Cube, a device that allowed players to toss items together and see what the cube spat out. Now in Diablo III, players will be getting the next generation of the Horadric Cube with Kanai’s Cube.

Kanai’s Cube, which is currently being on the Patch 2.3.0 test realm, promises to do many miraculous and beneficial things for the player. While the full range of the device’s abilities haven’t been detailed, Blizzard said that it will be able to strip out passive skills from legendary items and convert crafting materials into other types.

This special artifact will need to be looted from the depths of 2.3.0’s new zone, Ruins of Sescheron. Also coming with the patch are a new season journey interface, tweaks to combat, additional difficulty levels, and updates to the game’s crafting and adventure modes.

Source: Diablo III
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