Massively Opinionated: What is the biggest PR mistake an MMO’s ever made?


The Electronic Entertainment Expo presented a lot of opportunities for public relations mistakes, which led me to wonder about the biggest mistakes an MMO’s ever made, the topic of today’s Massively Opinionated debate vidcast! We also have multiple questions from the Patreon backers, and an interesting question about changing MMO systems mid-stream.

This week’s panelists hail from all over the internet: Mike Byrne is the Editor-in-Chief at MMO Bomb, Cosmic Engine can be found on YouTube doing video game reviews, and Tina Lauro can be found right here on MassivelyOP and the Predestination game website.


What is the biggest MMO PR mistake made within the last five years? (4:34)

Submitted by Patreon backer Matthew: What is the worst thing to have in the cash shop of a subscription game? (24:11)

Submitted by Patreon backer Duane Kinney: Which non-western MMO publisher is responsible for the best MMOs in the west? (43:40)

Do drastic changes in an MMO’s core —¬†mechanics, narrative, environment, etc. — ever work? (1:08:00)

This week’s panelists

Mike Byrne
Site: MMO Bomb
Twitter: Magickmann1

Tina Lauro
Site: Predestination
Twitter: PurpleTinaBeans

Cosmic Engine
YouTube: The Cosmic Engine
Twitter: CosmicEngine99

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