World of Warcraft details the timewalking mechanics of the Shattered Halls

Because this hadn't already been kind of boring years ago?

Let’s assume you’re playing World of Warcraft‘s latest big patch, but raiding Hellfire Citadel isn’t in the cards for you for whatever reason. What else can you do? Well… you could go into Hellfire Citadel anyway. Only not this version of Hellfire Citadel;¬†a different version of Hellfire Citadel wherein you take on a demonically corrupted version of the Horde and face off against a prominent figure that’s been altered beyond recognition.

Yes, Timewalking dungeons can be a source of endless hilarity.

Let’s set¬†aside the obvious irony: Shattered Halls is one of the new Timewalking dungeons available this weekend, and players can read up on the mechanics and the bosses if they’ve forgotten in the years since it was relevant content. (Or if they were never around for that.) Check out the full walkthrough and get ready to take on a very different sort of Hellfire Citadel that still feels familiar after all.

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