Trion’s new mystery game looks like Devilian Online


Trion Worlds decided to engage in a bit of image-based teasing yesterday, leaving players with nothing more than an image an a tagline. Some eagle-eyed fans have noted that the teaser image does seem to have a counterpart, though: The Ominous Devil Guy from the teaser image is nearly identical to one of the story silhouettes for Korean-born game Devilian Online.

Could Trion be bringing the game over to these shores? It’s an action RPG by Ginno Games akin to the Diablo franchise, which would represent something that isn’t currently in Trion’s western stable. Or it could be something else entirely, like a stunning coincidence (there are only so many ways to sketch an ominous demonic dude in silhouette, after all). Check out the suspected game’s official site and draw your own conclusions.

If you’re convinced, then there’s plenty to read up on and tons of vids to peruse, like these from MMO Culture:

Source: Devilian Online; thanks to everyone who sent this in!
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