Dark Age of Camelot newsletter covers Otherworlds campaign, future plans

Older engines, you know.

If you’re eager to unlock new stat caps in Dark Age of Camelot, you’re getting your chance over the summer. The Otherworlds campaign will be released in regular stages over the course of the summer, culminating in an intertwined PvE/RvR conflict. It’s one of the big highlights of the most recent newsletter from the game, which also discusses the game’s future patch plans beyond the new content available.

The game’s development team continues to work on UI improvements as well as the 5v5 tournament signup and the inaugural Midsummer’s event. Players can also look forward to the July 4th weekend for special bonuses to RvR combat. There’s plenty of community news in the newsletter as well; fans of the game, however distant, would do well to read the whole thing in its entirety.

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schlag sweetleaf
schlag sweetleaf

Good to see positive news coming from DAoC.Perhaps a look at free to play might be in order to bring in some new blood and bring back some old cynics like me.Good on ya dev. team.

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Gareth/Lion’s Den