SMITE adds in Ravana and mixes up the jungle gameplay

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The developers of SMITE looked at the game and saw that quite frankly, parts of it were getting stale. The most recent patch notes outright say so: Wards had gotten completely predictable, and it was far too easy to have complete vision coverage no matter what. But the changes aren’t just aimed at making sure proper ward placement is more important; several other changes are being made to make soloing creeps more difficult until later in the game and mix up the overall jungle gameplay environment.

This patch also adds in Ravana, a deity who really likes to punch things right to death. Players can also enjoy the usual range of new skins, voice packs, and the like. Check out the full patch notes, or if you’d rather watch those notes and have an hour or so to spare, you can check out the video covering all of them just past the break.

Source: Patch notes; thanks to Sorenthaz for the tip!
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So they pretty much made Star Platinum. Sounds great. Now where’s my Star Platinum skin?