RIFT introduces new Planar Crafting mechanics in its next major patch

I gots to bag it up.

As long as you’re tearing open the spaces between dimensions in RIFT, you might as well get some new crafting materials. The new Planar Crafting subsystem is based on using materials torn specifically from new rifts to create powerful new items, as detailed in brief on the official site.

Players will be able to purchase lures for six different sorts of elemental rift, allowing purchasers to tear open the new crafting rifts at will. Defeating the inhabitants of those rifts will award players the items required for the new crafting system, which in turn will make you more capable of defeating the inhabitants, and so on in an endlessly escalating cycle. The rifts can also drop former raid tokens and normal crafting materials, thus ensuring that no matter how much planar crafting you actually feel like doing, you’re bound to find something you want in the new system.

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