WildStar’s devs spill more on F2P transition


The picture of WildStar’s future is slowly starting to emerge from the haze with continuing discussion from Carbine Studios about this fall’s business model shift and major game changes.

Last Friday’s studio livestream saw the devs spending nearly the entire time talking about free-to-play and what players can expect when it hits. Among the topics included the always-on sprint, how the loyalty store and cash store differ, the sell-junk button, and new areas like the Cryo Plex and low-level instances.

There was also a recent ask me anything (AMA) in which the team fielded a much wider range of topics. A good portion of the discussion revolved around the stat changes, which will require an overhaul of many parts of the game: “All items in the game are transitioning over to the new stat system. To coincide with these changes we have also spent a great deal of time revising the offerings from quests, instances, vendors, etc. to better cater to ALL class/role combos.”

Check out the whole video below.

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