Ion’s Dean Hall wants to show how much innovation is possible in MMOs


If you’re curious about Dean Hall’s new Ion project that was recently announced at E3, a new interview at Polygon might be worth reading.

Hall explains how the sci-fi space sandbox is straddling the fence between indie and triple-A, primarily due to the dev talent involved which includes Fallout 3 and Skyrim veterans as well as the concept artist from Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity.

Hall firmly states that Ion is an MMO, despite negative feedback from his marketing team and Polygon’s interviewer. “We had a lot of marketing people saying, don’t call it an MMO. Everyone will think it’s orcs and wizards running around,” Hall explains. “It’s stale [the MMO genre]. My point is, that’s exactly why we have to own it as an MMO. It is. It’s inspired by EVE Online and Space Station 13. I’m hoping that we can show there are so many areas you can innovate in terms of MMOs.”

Source: Polygon

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