Overwatch blog details the legend behind Jack Morrison

Let 'em all go to trial, except Soldier 76!

It’s a little bit odd, on some level, that Overwatch takes place after the eponymous organization is dead and gone. Not unheard of, no, but it’s still a little odd. Of course the latest blog is all about unpacking the lore behind the organization’s fall, focusing on the story behind legendary supersoldier and former strike commander Jack Morrison, so it would seem there’s a fair bit more going on than simply Overwatch ceasing to exist and everyone going home.

You know, if the very premise of the game were not former and speculative members shooting at one another.

The entire entry is narrated from an in-universe perspective, tracing the known life of Morrison from his birth to his supposed death at Overwatch headquarters before the organization shut down. It also introduces the rumors that Morrion is still alive, striking official facilities in the name of an unknown agenda. If you want to know more of the story behind the aforementioned members shooting one another, it’s well worth a read.

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