TERA’s latest patch invites you to go berserk

So many colors in the anger rainbow.
Do you want to get angry? Do you already feel pretty angry? Do you feel so angry that you want other people to hit you in the face just because you’re so angry? Then you’ll be very happy with TERA‘s latest update, Go Berserk, with its headlining feature that allows Berserkers to become front-line tanks. If you want to tank with your huge axe and crush your opposition with raw fury, now is your opportunity.

The update doesn’t stop there, however; it boasts a new dungeon, a new raid, a new battlescape, and improved features like a dressing room. You can also work toward one of three new Tier 7 armor sets if you want to stylishly customize your all-consuming future. Check out the trailer and some screenshots down below, and get ready to log in and get just plain angry.

Source: En Masse Entertainment press release
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