What is Blade & Soul’s chi about, anyway?


Chi is vitally important to Blade & Soul’s lore and gameplay, but it’s perfectly OK to not completely understand what it’s about. That’s why the devs have penned a new lore blog to explain what chi is and how it will fit into the game.

“Living creatures have chi as well, which is directly related to their health and martial prowess,” the article states. “The true martial artists of the world have mastered their inner focus to perform stunning feats and demonstrate otherworldly powers.”

In Blade & Soul, chi is the fuel that allows players to perform superhuman acts, such as windwalking, healing rapidly, and enhance weapons. There are higher levels of chi, called divine chi and dark chi, which¬†can be tapped for even greater feats. It’s implied that players might have access to divine chi while demons and monstrosities are powered by dark chi.

Source: Blade & Soul

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