World of Warcraft asks why you use the Black Market Auction House

Holy moly.

It turns out that you can bring the Black Market Auction House to your very own Garrison in World of Warcraft if you so choose, thus giving you even fewer reasons to ever leave the Garrison for any reason whatsoever. It’s also possible that you forgot the BMAH even exists, which is one of the answers on a new survey from the official site asking players why they make use of the darkest auction house.

The winning poll option at the moment is that players who know about it tend to seek out rare mounts, but the close second are players stating that they simply never have enough gold saved up to partake of its exceptionally expensive wares. No word has been given about whether or not any of these data will be used in the future, but if you’d like to put your two copper down about why you use (or don’t use) the feature, have at it.

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