Blade & Soul’s chi and pet systems teased


Want to know even more about Blade & Soul’s Chi? There’s a new update on the fantasy title’s website that offers a few cryptic hints at how the mechanic will work. Chi isn’t just for warriors, NCsoft says, but is for “the mighty and the meek” who are all able to windwalk and who may take advantage of dragon pulses wherever they appear to teleport across the map.

Blade Masters, Summoners, and Force Masters “externalize their chi to enforce change on the world,” the blog says, whether that be by manipulating elements or conjuring familiars. Destroyers, Kung Fu Masters, and Assassins all internalize their chi, which hardens the body and allows for physically dominating monsters or vanishing into thin air.

In other Blade & Soul news, MMO Culture has posted a pet system preview trailer. You can view it after the cut.

Source: Chi in use
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