SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire makes large-scale operations and flashpoint changes

This autumn’s Knights of the Fallen Empire won’t be shaking up just the narrative foundation of Star Wars: The Old Republic but its group content as well.

A new developer diary posted today outlines all of the changes and improvements that BioWare is planning for instances when the expansion hits. Story mode flashpoints will get a solo mode and be far more level-flexible than they are today. The system will even bolster underleveled players so that they can play with their friends.

All operations will be raised to level 65 and given new rewards. BioWare promises that it’s planning improvements for the group finder, including a daily reward for tackling specific raids. The team did confirm that there will be no new operations with the expansion, however: “We felt it was important to first address some of the issues with our elder game before moving on to new content.”

Source: SWTOR. Thanks to Bob and GreaterDivinity for the tip!
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