Pro e-sports player admits using performance-enhancing drugs, says doping is widespread

This was all funny until it happened to us!

Remember when it became clear that major league baseball was awash in drugs? That drugs weren’t just a problem that some players had but an accepted way of life for the game’s players, that steroids and amphetamines were just everywhere? It didn’t do much for anyone’s regard of the sport. Keep that in mind when you watch an interview in which a professional Counter-Strike player states outright that his team, and supposedly every other team at an e-sports event, was on Adderall.

Kory “Semphis” Frieson states that use of the drug is widespread at events and that anyone paying attention should see it as “obvious.” As it stands, there’s no large-scale regulation about drugs and performance enhancement in professional gaming. You can check out the interview below and draw your own conclusions about what it means for the larger scene, but it certainly doesn’t imply anything positive.

Source: VG24/7
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