Playable Togrutas confirmed for SWTOR Update 3.3

Togrutas, the colorful Star Wars race that boasts both head tails and hollow horns, will become available to play when Star Wars: The Old Republic opens the doors to Update 3.3 next week.

BioWare confirmed the species’ addition to the playable roster on the official forums: “Togruta will be in Game Update 3.3 on Tuesday! We are pretty excited for all of you to get your hands on the new playable species. One thing that sets Togruta apart from other species is that, due to their montrals, any item worn in your head slot will be automatically hidden. By introducing a new playable species which hides its head slot, this gives us the potential to introduce other species down the line who have ‘head things going on.'”

While the studio wasn’t making it a secret that Togrutas were next for a player race, it was previously uncertain whether or not the creatures would be done in time for the July update.

Source: SWTOR forums
Update 07/16/2015 11:31 AM EDT: BioWare has confirmed that “Togruta will cost exactly the same as Cathar, 600 Cartel Coins.” Thanks,¬†winterskorn!
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