World of Tanks puts tanks on the moon with Lunar Mode

Look away from Pluto for five seconds because we’re approaching another big astronomy milestone: the 46th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Wargaming is celebrating the moment by adding Lunar Mode back to World of Tanks¬†on the Xbox 360.

“While more than 40 years ago man first set foot on the Moon in a bid for adventure and discovery, today marks a return to the lunar surface for the singular goal of combat. Starting July 17 and running through July 20, players who log into the game will receive the exclusive M24 Lunar, a Tier 9 medium tank built exclusively for combat in space. Equipped with a high-tech blaster, this tank is capable of distributing punishment of the laser variety, perfect for eliminating the opposition on unforgiving lunar terrain.”

There’s a trailer for the mode below. Go take back the moon!

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