World of Warcraft raiding guild wipes 472 times before beating mythic Hellfire raid


How many times do you usually tolerate a full group wipe before calling it a night? Three? Four? Now imagine if your guild has endured a whopping 472 wipes — probably not on the same night, but even so — during the toughest World of Warcraft raid currently in the game. And what if, after those 472 wipes, your guild managed to down the 13th and final boss. It would be a good reason to celebrate, is what we’re saying.

Method, a top World of Warcraft raiding guild, finally announced that it had beaten the game’s new Hellfire Citadel dungeon on mythic difficulty after nearly 500 full wipes. This puts Method once again in the spot of a world first for beating WoW’s hardest endgame content.

Meanwhile, Blizzard has posted a new dev diary highlighting the Utgarde Pinnacle timewalking dungeon. This special version of the instance appears on Wrath of the Lich King weekends, scaling munchkins down to level 81 for the attempt.

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