World of Warcraft is really, really big


One thing we grizzled World of Warcraft veterans tend to fondly remember are the naked gnome races that showed us just how big — and dangerous — Azeroth could be. After 10 years, numerous patches, and five expansions, the fantasy MMO has grown even larger, even if players are too busy with instant transportation to notice.

One YouTuber, BigCliffy, took it upon himself to record a hyperlapse video of a few journeys across WoW’s continents. Through the video, you reclaim a sense of scope of the world and an appreciation for how much has been added to it since launch.

Before you embark on that cross-continental journey in the video below, however, we have a public service announcement from Blizzard about limitations for acquiring and possessing WoW Tokens. The studio clarified what players can and cannot do, including only holding 10 tokens at a time (and these can only be of a singular type) and only purchasing 10 tokens a week from the cash shop.

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