Gloria Victis is getting building and skill system updates


The Gloria Victis dev team has been working on “two massive features” in recent weeks, according to a post that appeared on the fantasy sandbox’s forum over the weekend. The first versions of both the building and the skill systems will be done in a few days, the announcement says.

The building system involves upgrading existing towns with stronger gates and offensive equipment like falling logs and boiling oil, water, and tar. All of these objects are able to be destroyed (or repaired). The post also says that building whole towns and castles will happen in the near future, as will the ability to upgrade mines and farms for better resources.

The first iteration of Gloria Victis‘ skill system will feature dozens of passives that should further differentiate avatars inside the game’s class-less advancement system. You can read more on the game’s forum.

Source: Building and skills; thanks Kinya!
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