Revival outlines mechanics for religion and temples

Don't do, well, all of the things you're encouraged to do by this game's mechanics.

The developers behind Revival don’t want your only path to conquest to be something as simple as warfare. You can also subtly influence a city to shift from its existing religion to one more conducive to the path you’ve chosen, tearing down temples to its older deities and erecting new ones to a divine being of your preference. It’s a complex system, one that the game’s most recent development diary discusses in some detail.

All deities offer certain benefits and drawbacks, influence the effectiveness of skills in the area, and change the political character of the towns they occupy. The point here is not that you simply “capture” a given city’s religious fervor, but that concentrated actions can create a groundswell of support that pushes for a new religious direction for a city’s residence. If you ever wanted to play a game in which you could make long-term change in the game by preaching doctrine in the streets, this has some real promise.

Source: Weekly Update; thanks to Dengar for the tip!
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