Champions Online subscribers receive an inflatable giraffe for August

Much better than content, apparently?

Your friends might make fun of you for your subscription to Champions Online, pointing at the game’s incredibly slow update schedule and lack of extant content. But do any of the games they subscribe to offer an inflatable pool tube with a giraffe head as a costume reward? Seriously, let us know if this is a trend sweeping the game world or something; that would be equal parts fascinating and frightening. There might be a whole thing.

Subscribers of both the monthly and lifetime varieties can pick up this inflatable accessory from August 1st to August 31st, and like other subscriber bonus items, it cannot be claimed after the end of the month. It’s perfect for the hero with phenomenal power who cannot swim but can be supported by a child’s pool toy!

Source: Official Site; thanks to The Grand Nagus for the tip!
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