Here’s how to tell what features are on your EverQuest II account


I recently returned to EverQuest II, and since it’s been over a year since I played it seriously, I figured I had better pony up and buy all of the expansion content that I missed. Trouble is, I couldn’t remember what I already owned, nor had I really kept up with all of the content released since I played last, and Daybreak currently offers no obvious way of viewing all of your account entitlements.

EQ2Wire to the rescue, though, as the site sussed out what appears to be a hidden link that does indeed list every expansion, adventure pack, veteran reward, SOE Live exclusive, and Legends of Norrath card game claim item that you can use in EQII. Naturally you’ll need to be logged into your Daybreak account via the company’s website for the link to work, and it’s also worth noting that all of your entitlements appear twice as of press time.

In other franchise news, Daybreak’s Holly Longdale posted a brief producer’s update on the official EverQuest forums.

Source: EQ2Wire
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