The Daily Grind: Are MMO morality systems impossible to get right?

I know it’s an old hat at this point, but I’m still quite appreciative that Star Wars: The Old Republic made an effort to give my character choices in dialogue and story actions. I feel more attached to my characters as a result and enjoy having a say in transpiring events.

However, I also recognize that linking story choices with a morality meter (in this case, light vs. dark side) complicates matters. Players might vote against their inclinations just to get more points for a preferred side, for starters. Then there’s the issue of developers assigning choices as either good or bad; it’s easy when it’s a black-and-white decision, but more tricky when the issues are nuanced. What happens when a player strongly disagrees with a dev’s take on a quest and is penalized in-game for it?

Personally, I’d like to see morality systems get away from the good/evil dichotomy and hew more toward a multi-attribute setup, such as what Ultima X Odyssey was planning. So are morality systems impossible to get right or are they worth the hassle to code?

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