Skyforge introduces Prestige scaling with its next major patch

Eff a robot.

There’s nothing worse than logging on to play a game with your friends to find that they’re Level A Million Or Something whilst you’re still Level Don’t Pick That Up It’s Sharp And You Could Hurt Yourself. Skyforge is doing something to combat that with its Prestige scaling system that accompanies its first major patch. Group up with your lower-Prestige friends and they’ll scale up to match you, allowing everyone to take part in content and receive rewards appropriate for their Prestige levels.

Limitations are in place for the system, as Prestige scaling applies only for adventures that are categorized as Squad, Group, Battles, or Invasions. Still, it means that you can invite friends into the game with confidence that you’ll all get to play together even when they haven’t matched your progress. The group finder interface has been slightly adjusted to allow players to randomly queue into Prestige scaled content, as well.

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