Gamescom 2015: Blizzard shows off new heroes and maps for Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm

Storming of the hero.

Heroes of the Storm players are going to have quite a bit to look forward to in the near future. The game’s newest map, Infernal Shrines, continues the Diablo theme of recent months with three lanes and a summoned hero-killing demon; players can also look forward to the new monk hero, Kharazim, who can swap between healing and melee damage. Rexxar and Artanis from Warcraft III and StarCraft will also be making their way into the game, although that’s a bit less diabolical.

Overwatch isn’t being left out of the reveal train, though, with its newest hero Lucio debuting in a trailer. Lucio is swift, agile, and able to evade and disorient enemies whilst healing his allies. Two new maps for the as-yet-unreleased game have also been demonstrated at the show, the escort-based Numbani map and the capture point Volskaya Industries map.

Source: Blizzard Entertainment press release
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