Gamescom 2015: Elite Dangerous: Horizons is kicking off with planetary landing

What's on the ground?! Oh, rocks.

The Elite: Dangerous gameplay is expanding downward. To the extent that “down” is a relevant direction in space, anyhow; the important part is that you’ll be able to go from space to huge planetary sandboxes in Elite Dangerous: Horizons. That’s the title for the game’s next major “season” of updates, and it all starts by allowing players to land ships and explore the airless rock worlds scattered throughout the galaxy.

While that’s just the beginning, players are promised plenty to see and do on the rocky worlds aside from just leaving the cockpit and having a nice stroll. The bad news is that you’ll need to pay money for the expansion, but there is a discount offered for existing customers and the game’s lifetime expansion pass option is also being brought back. Get ready to fly to strange new worlds and start exploring them from the surface as well as in orbit.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Thomas, Phoenix, and SamVenice for the tip!
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