Here’s what’s in WildStar’s massive fall patch


Yesterday we reported that WildStar began stress testing its fall free-to-play patch, and since then players have been reporting in with pictures and details of this massive update. While Carbine hasn’t posted a list of patch notes yet, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of what you can expect to see and experience when this patch goes live.

It’s worth noting that Carbine is sending folks to discuss the new patch on the stability test forums, not the public test realm forums. So are you ready to find out what’s in this mega-update? Hit the jump and soak in the wonders!

Of course one major addition is the in-game cash shop and new currencies including Ncoins and Omnibits. This video has a decent overview of the many categories and previews:

A new Drusera dungeon, Alpha Sanctum, is part of the patch’s goodies:

There’s also a couple big changes to the Warrior’s skills, which you can watch in the following video:

Here’s a video of the updated character select screen:

Here’s the Lopp fortune teller in action:

Here’s the Dominion tutorial in action:

And the Exile tutorial:

Players will be able to access the “rapid transport system” to get around on Nexus even faster than before:

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