Darkfall rolls out unholy update with soft gear wipe, rare resources, and new inventory


Darkfall is reinventing its game. Again.

In what it’s calling the “economy expansion” patch, Darkfall has made heavy adjustments to how the game plays. “The following update is probably the largest in scope and importance to ever hit the Darkfall servers and addresses many of its current issues,” Aventurine boasted.

Today’s update performs a “soft wipe” on all existing items by nerfing them slightly and introducing a new tier of weapons and armor with superior stats. PvE monsters are deadlier to fight but also have had their health decreased. Other changes include a return to full corpse looting, a brand-new inventory system, faster instant travel, and a decision to move all rare crafting materials to a handful of set contested nodes around the world.

Will this be enough to inject a spark of life and interest in Darkfall? Read the patch notes and let us know what you think.

Source: Patch notes
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