Massively Opinionated: Which MMO dev handles offensive people the best?


MMO communities, like all online communities, have some bad eggs. Each MMO handles these people in different ways. We tackle some of these community-related questions in this week’s debate. Larry asked Jason Winter of MMOBomb and The Cosmic Engine to debate which MMO developer handles these issues the best.

The rules of the debate are simple: The panelists are given four questions before the show, and they defend their position to the host. Our host then gives a point to the best argument for each question, and the panelist with the most points at the end wins.

This week’s questions

1. What is the best way to moderate forums to reduce the amount of terrible people? (Patreon question from Viking!)

2. What is the best way to punish the players that do this so that they will not do it again?(Patreon question from Viking!)

3. Build me an MMO that combines different genres and would be fun to play. (Patreon question from Viking!)

4. Which company handles the offensive people in its MMO communities the best?

This week’s panelists

Jason Winter
Website: MMOBomb
Twitter: WinterInformal

Michael Brown
YouTube: The Cosmic Engine
Twitter: CosmicEngine99

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