Otherland enters early access on Steam on August 26th

I just don't know any more, really.

It was announced years ago, has jumped developers and publishers, and by and large seems like the sort of thing that was never going to come out. But Otherland is indeed coming out on August 26th. Granted, it’s only “coming out” in the sense of an Early Access launch on Steam, but that’s still far more than fans of the original novels have likely expected for the past few years.

Otherland is an action MMO offering housing, an “eDNA” system allowing players to copy and clone items, and a variety of different game environments to explore. You can see exactly what the game will play like on the 26th for yourself if the top-level overview has you intrigued, or if you just loved the books and can’t wait to see the virtual worlds made… well, not real, but virtually explorable at least.

Source: Drago Entertainment press release
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