Star Citizen threatened with class-action lawsuit


Internet Warlord Derek Smart is at it again: This morning, the dev behind Alganon and Line of Defense ramped up his crusade against Star Citizen and Chris Roberts with a demand letter from his attorneys and the threat of a class-action lawsuit.

“I have decided to make good on previous statements calling for accountability,” he writes. “Aside from the FTC guidelines on crowd-funding, as well as actions they have taken against companies that seek to defraud consumers, and because I have reasons to believe that this entire project now borders on consumer fraud, regardless of the risks to myself, my family etc or the amount of aggravation (attacking the messenger is an exercise in futility) that this is no doubt going to cause me, I am going to continue fighting this, while working with the Federal authorities, including the FBI, to get to the bottom of what is going on with this project and where backer money is going.”

To that end, Smart claims he’s instructed his attorneys — this batch at De La Peña & Holiday, LLP — to deliver a “demand letter” to RSI, one that requests “complete forensic accounting” paid for by Smart, a completion date for Star Citizen, and a refund for all who request it.

Smart, however, says he expects no compliance. “As all previous calls for accountability have failed, we don’t expect RSI to co-operate (hence the need to contact the Federal authorities), with us,” he writes. “Which means that the next steps, depending on how they respond to the letter, would be for a class-action lawsuit (already in various stages of preparation), to move forward and be immediately filed.”

Last week, Smart penned a post stating that “comparison [between Line of Defense and Star Citizen] is futile,” in which he then went on to compare the two feature for feature, unsurprisingly finding Star Citizen wanting.

Source: Smart’s blog. Thanks, Rio.
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