Funcom releases second quarter financials and announces The Park

Maybe this one will stick to the wall.

We could quote a lot of numbers from Funcom’s second quarter financial report, but let’s be honest here: They’re just confirming what we already know. There are three non-numerical takeaways from the report, the first being confirmation that LEGO Minifigures Online underperformed significantly and will have its investments reduced. Second, some of Funcom‘s existing investors are deferring the company’s debts in light of its current situation. Third, and most importantly, the company is shifting gear to developing faster experimental games with a more aggressive release schedule.

The first of those games, The Park, is slated for release this October and should look familiar to fans of The Secret World even without all of the teasing director Joel Bylos had done regarding the previously unannounced title. The game is a single-player spinoff horror game centered around an amusement park that features prominently in the MMO, so if you wanted to have a short and directed horror experience outside of the online space, you’ve got something to look forward to. Check out the trailer just below.

Source: Financial report, Official Site; thanks to Wildabyss, Zen Dadaist, and Vikestart for the tip!
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